Oct 13

A New Indie Rock Band
Needs A Concept/Vision!

A New Indie No prescription cialis Rock Band Needs A Concept/Vision!

A new indie rock band is nothing with a concept and vision. I think all great artists stem from the cohesion of their concepts, and visions. What you represent, and the message within your music/album is a result of your creative flow. Find a way for your new indie rock band to really narrow down what your band represents, and plot where you are headed with your body of work!

Creativity As A New Indie Rock Band

To make a record that has a cohesive relative overall message, and fluid flow throughout, requires great planning and creativity. As a part of the latest rock music scene, you need to be exciting for your audience! Figure out what common goals and beliefs your new indie rock band share. Is there a common theme, or vibe from your music. What are you trying to portray? Get thinking of how to blend it all together in the clearest way for your market!

The Entire World Is Not The Market For A New Indie Rock Band

Once you’ve clearly defined what you represent, or what the mood/vibe of your band is, the next step is defining your market fan base. Contrary to popular belief, the world is not your market! Your market might include a vast variety of people, but there will be one larger dominant group that have a same common trait. For instance a reggae band might have a majority market of marijuana lovers…. Or a metal band might have a main target demographic of 12-21 year old males. Get very specific in defining and segmenting your audience, because it will help you focus on fulfilling their need as a fan. Just because your album might not be a “concept album” per se, it is still important to make sure the collection of songs isn’t so eclectic that the listener will think they are listening to some crazy radio station. You want them to feel like they are really experiencing something that goes together. You have to be MORE than a new indie rock band.

Trends For A New Indie Rock Band To Consider

Another thing to consider is that the “album” itself is upon extinction these days. Consumers rarely buy and listen to the an entire album of the latest rock music anymore, with single downloads being the primary form of distribution to date. Your new indie rock band should consider putting out a 3-4 song EP that has a cohesive vision/concept. This seems to be the trend in the latest rock music. This “vision” is the essence of the mood, feeling, and overall message of your new indie rock band!

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