Oct 19

A New Indie Rock Band Needs Solid Players!

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A New Indie Rock Band Needs Solid Players!

Does Your New Indie Rock Band Have the Chops?

One of the key factors in making a great album as a new indie rock band, is using solid musicians! Make sure your band has spent time and really worked out all the arrangements, making them the best they can possibly be. The latest rock music, even the artsy stuff, is very polished and “broadcast quality”. Be honest with yourself in assessing the level of expertise in your new indie rock band. Do you guys need a little more time to tighten and craft your material… or are you truly ready to spend the time and money making it the best it can be?

Budget And Money For Your New Indie Rock Band

Be sure your new indie rock band has proficient, and experienced musicians, or you will waste a lot of unnecessary time and money in the studio! Before going into the studio, calculate your budget, and make an educated decision with your band about their skill. If you choose to record as a band, make sure you have the budget for as much time as it might take during the recording process. Always plan for way more time than you’ll need, better safe than sorry! If you have a decent budget, and feel like hiring session players might make your recording that much better, or if it might save ANY time in the tracking process, DO IT!!!

Should A New Indie Rock Band Use Session Players?

Many times in the major label world, the label will hire session players for tracking, and the fans don’t even know that it’s not the bands actual member playing on the record. This happens for a reason! Producers and engineers can save a HUGE amount of time and ultimately money, by using highly experienced, professional musicians. Make sure you are satisfied with each members playing before recording with your new indie rock band! This is your baby, and you want it to live up to it’s potential! Even though your are a new indie rock band, you should use the best musicians for your recording!

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