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Budgeting/Networking as a New Indie Rock Band

Budgeting/Networking as a New Indie Rock Band

Compile Your New Indie Rock Band Budget

A new indie rock band, must consider their budget before making an amazing record! There are several things to consider when calculating your budget. Compile a list of all the expenses you might have. These things should include studio time or rental, recording, mixing, mastering, cd duplication, physical/digital distribution, etc. Plan generously in case you go beyond what’s expected, you probably will. Your new indie rock band should also consider if they have to pay a producer, engineer, or any session musicians for the recording.

Build A Network of Connections For Your New Indie Rock Band

As a new indie rock band, you can really utilize your connections! Find out what kind of resources are available to you. Network with students (film, recording, engineering, producing, photography, design, etc) Who would be willing to give a new indie rock band cheap, or even free services in exchange for experience or portfolio development? A lot of the latest rock music is being made independently, by people working with a network of pro’s. You’d be surprised what’s available for a new indie rock band, just go look! Some professionals say that realistically, you cannot make a broadcast quality album, for under $7,000.00. I have heard some pretty great records made for this, you just have to find the right resources. Perhaps you know a genius engineer that will do it for $3,000.00? A lot of the latest rock music on the true indie scene is being made for around this, and it’s all thanks to technology, and inspiration! Budgeting is imperative for your new indie rock band!

A New Indie Rock Band Needs A Team

Every new indie rock band is nothing without a team. Figure out who you are going to work with, and make sure to build strong relationships with these professionals. Make a lasting impression on them. Make them aware of your passion, be on time, and be complimentary in a genuine way. This network of industry pro’s will grow as you move along with your career. By building strong relationships with these professionals, they will be willing Viagra Professional to go the extra mile for you. A new indie rock band can make a really incredible album if they find a great team to work with. Who you work with has an enormous bearing on the turn out of your album. Perhaps you already know someone in the industry that can help your new indie rock band.

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