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Great Songs = A Great Album, For Your New Indie Rock Band!

Great Songs = A Great Album, For Your New Indie cialis cheap Rock Band!

Melody/Hook for Your New Indie Rock Band

The success of a new indie rock band, depends so much on the quality of the songs. Now of course other elements come into play, but really without great songs you will have a much harder time competing in this crazy new world of music! Successful rock music of the past and present has great arrangements, lyrics, melody, and rhythm (even if they are all whiney, and sound the same lol). Melody and harmony are extremely important to your songs. A new indie rock band has to be conscious of their vocal and guitar melodies. They should flow in a manner that give importance to the chorus and have strong “hum-back factor.” Do not underestimate the power of repetition, and a hook. If you aren’t humming it all day, it’s probably not that great of a hook.

Arrangement/Message for Your New Indie Rock Band

As a new indie rock band, you have to understand the importance of a great song. The arrangements of each song will really determine how well they are received. It’s really up to your new indie rock band how traditional or artsy you want to be with your arrangement. A good way to decide is by looking at what kind of song it is, and then seeing what that type of song calls for. If its a personal, introspective look into your soul… then maybe you will choose a very stripped down arrangement, with only a few instruments… if it’s a song about going crazy, maybe you will have lots of layers, possibly some modulation, and even maybe switch to double-time somewhere in the song. There are no rules in music! Just keep in mind what has worked for “Hits” in the past. A new indie rock band that wants large success should either choose to be traditional in their arrangements, or being completely unconventional. As long as you stick to what you do, you will be notorious for that. The verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, chorus method, or some close variation tends to work just because people are used to that, and can wrap their head around it. Popular music usually uses something close. If a new indie rock band wants to stick to what traditionally works, make sure the choruses lift in pitch and excitement, and that they increase with energy each time- ultimately leading to the climax and resolve. Think of it like a roller-coaster! As for the meaning of your songs… keep in mind it’s not about you, it’s about how your fans can relate your songs to their own lives. That’s the key… You want each fan to say “That song is so me…” or “That song describes my life…” It’s okay to use ambiguous images, and metaphors as long as it fits the context or vibe of the song.

Aesthetic/Vibe for Your New Indie Rock Band

When putting together your work, as a new indie rock band, make sure each song has a very distinct aesthetic/vibe. Decide what kind of production will work best for the material. Is it going to be heavily produced and compressed, or is it going to be more live and natural sounding. Make sure to be clear to the producer and engineer what kind of vibe and feel you are going for. To show that you are a professional new indie rock band, perhaps make out a packet for them that clearly indicates the form/structure, the mood, and short meaning of the song- This can help tremendously when tracking!

New Indie Rock Band

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