Jan 12

Skin Trade Supports
Defenders of Animal Rights

Skin Trade Supports
Defenders of Animal Rights

Check out this short video, and find out how to become defenders of animal rights! Skin Trade is about taking a stand for what you believe in, and for stopping crimes against nature and humanity. We can’t stand it when someone is getting treated poorly, and has no way of  standing up for themselves!!!!

Skin Trade Supports
Defenders of Animal Rights

We love to write music about things that really matter to us. Being an activist is part of being an artist. We express our ideas through music, and by influencing people with our actions. When mankind starts to unravel the perfect design of nature, we have to stand up! Animals don’t have a voice of their own, so when they are mistreated, it’s up to us to defend them. We have to find ethical ways to treat and handle animals, and put an end to animal cruelty.

Foi Gras? Just one Reason we NEED defenders of animal rights

defenders of animal rights

Foi Gras is a disgusting French delicacy that is made by shoving a metal pump down a live duck/goose’s throat and force-feeding them until their organs are so bloated that the animals organs usually burst, generally killing them on the spot.  The ones who don’t die, have their throat slit while conscious. The dish “Foi Gras” (FWAH-GRRAH) is the actual enlarged liver of the bird. As defenders of animal rights, we had to show up at “Animal Restaurant” in Los Angeles to protest Foi Gras, which they feature on their menu.

Defenders of animal rights, are bigger than themselves

As artists, we band together to voice out our concerns about the world we are living in. Recently, we ran across a new documentary called “Skin Trade” directed by Shannon Keith. After speaking with the director herself, we became friends, and joined forces to speak up about animal cruelty. Check out her new documentary that has been bagging awards at film festivals around the country! Defenders of animal rights, are bigger than themselves!

How to help, by being defenders of animal rights

If you too want to be defenders of animal rights, there are several resources available! To get Foi Gras banned from the country, or your state…. write your senator, or the president, and ask for a permanent ban on the dish in the U.S. or your state!!!! For education on animal cruelty, check out Shannon Keiths Non-profit organization ARME (Animal Rescue, Media & Education) and you can always find lots of education from PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals) Hooray for the defenders of animal rights!
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