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Download Free Music Online

In a time where fans expect music for free, us indie artists are continuing to scramble for creative ways to meet the crisis of covering cost, in the production, promotion, and distribution of our music to our fans. We are no exception to the rule, but we REALLY WANT our super-fans to have our music FOR FREE!!! As consumers of modern music, and for those of us on U.S. soil, living in rough economic times, we just want ways to download free music online… Skin Trade wants to give out our record for free, but we have to at least break even, in order to get more product created for you guys! BUT what we CAN do, is offer you lots of games and prizes, and FREEBIES, such as a way you can download free music online!

How You Can Download Free Music Online

So here is the deal. This is FREEBIE number 1! We are offering free downloads of our song “Mary, Mary.” This is just one of many ways you can download free music online. In order to receive your free song, we are asking you to voice your opinion of our record “Heretic.” The process is very simple, you just open up you iTunes Application (on either your computer, iPod, phone etc.) Click iTunes Store tab, amd go to the iTunes search box. Search “Skin Trade Heretic” Now click on the icon of the album, and click “Write a Review.”

Write a review, and send a copy of your review to this email address: We will send you back all you need so you can download free music online, directly from us! You don’t have to write a novel, but if you want to go ahead! Be honest, we really want to know what you guys think, because we’re writing for you anyway! If you already wrote a review, send a copy to that email, and you will still get your free song!

Why We are Letting you Download Free Music Online

We think you guys deserve as many chances to get our art for free, because you are the real fans, that keep checking back and know about all the latest dirt, etc. So even though we can’t make everything we put out free, we can still come up with ways we can help each other get what we need. You guys deserve to download free music online, and our position is let them! We need you guys to review or record so people will have something to go off when looking into the band! Good or bad, they need to know! So, if you review our cd, we will give you a free download! SIMPLE AS THAT! So tell everyone, and let’s get going… give us some serious feedback, what are your favorite tracks, which lines do like most, what songs make you nutty, what do you look forward to in our future work. Your input allows you to download free music online!

If you want to hear the record first, it is (for the moment) still streaming on our webpage free here:

Check out our record here:CLICK HERE!!!

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