Sep 9

Los Angeles Concert NEWS!!!

Los Angeles Concert NEWS!!!

Come See Our Los Angeles Concert

Well, we have a bunch of Los Angeles Concert bookings that just keep flooding in!!! And we want you guys to get to these shows, we’d love to have you! We are making these events huge and fun, so therefore we will only be having a couple Los Angeles concerts per month. Be sure not to miss out on the fun. We have been working hard to please all of you little crazies, and we can’t wait to see you out there. If you are a fan of Stone Temple Pilots, 90′s Rock, Iggy & the Stooges, or Alice Cooper, than you are going to have a blast at this Los Angeles Concert!!!! The guys have been working extra hard to spoon feed you evil and substance, the world will be afraid and thrilled all in one, and you will be one of the few who get it!

Hard to Skip This Crazy Los Angeles Concert!!!

Our first Los Angeles Concert is coming up Tomorrow!!!!! It’s on Sunset Blvd. at The Key Club VIP Plush Lounge. Tickets are only $10 advance, and can be purchased from us in person, or from the GrooveTickets Webpage!!!! The show starts at 8:30pm so be there by 8pm and say you are there to see “Skin Trade.” This show is going to be tons of fun, because it is in a really nice club, that is very intimate. We encourage all of you to dress up whacky and have fun. Who’s to say dress up is only meant for Halloween??? Don’t Miss Skin Trade Live!!!! If you can’t make our Los Angeles concert this Thursday, then be sure to check us out in Anaheim at “The Doll Hut” on Friday Sept. 17th, This a very fun club where the girls go nutty, and we want you there!!!! This show has no presale tickets, and only has a $10 door cover!!! Again have fun with your wardrobe, we want people to know that Skin Trade fans go all out, and have more fun than anyone else!!!! Come Join us on the 17th for an hour of power rock sure to rip you a new one!!!! Just in case you didn’t know the 17th show is an Orange County Concert, not a Los Angeles Concert, but we will have Mostly Los Angeles Concerts for the next couple months!

Stay Tuned For a Complete Los Angeles Concert Schedule!!!

We have been very busy rehearsing, planning music Silagra videos, booking events, etc. and because of this it has taken a while to get some of our other pages up and running! Stay tuned often so you can see our Los Angeles Concert Schedule, Bio Page, and much much more! And We really want to keep the conversation rolling, so we will even implement a way for you guys to chat with us and leave posts about the band or music, or pictures from our Los angeles concerts as well! We will have dates scattered through till the end of the year, but as I mentioned before, they only come around so often, because when we go, we go BIG!!!! Bring plenty of raw energy, and get ready for a few crazy nights with Skin Trade!!!!!! To hear our music, or purchase, Click Here!!!!!

Los Angeles Concerts that will kick your ass!!!!! Stay tuned!

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