Jun 19

Skin Trade LIVE at The Whiskey A Go Go!!!!

Skin Brand Viagra Trade LIVE at The Whiskey A Go Go!!!!

Skin Trade Sharing The Whiskey A Go Go Stage With Vains Of Jenna

On Sat. July 2nd at 9pm, SKIN TRADE is going to be joining Vains Of Jenna for a night of summer debauchery at The Whiskey A Go Go, in West Hollywood…. The band have been working hard for months to give you a truly memorable show, and we invite you to watch the sneak peak video that should give you an idea of things to come!!!!! This is Vains of Jenna last U.S. show for 2011, and it is going to be a blast. Skin Trade has advance tickets available for only $10, or you can get them for $15 at The Whiskey A Go Go, the night of the show!!!

Don’t miss Skin Trade at The Whiskey A Go GO July 2nd

The Whiskey A Go Go, was the first venue that Skin Trade ever played at, and it will always have a certain charm in our heart. We always tend to go nuts at this place, and this show is going to be a non-stop party from start to finish. We invite all of you out to party with us before, and after we go on, and we can’t wait to show you what we have been working on!!!! The show is All Ages, and Skin Trade is on at around 9pm.

Skin Trade Needs YOU, at The Whiskey A Go Go

This show is monumental for Skin Trade, as we are planning some really huge events that depend partly on the turnout of this show. We have invited some very important guest, and we really need your energy in the crowd to give the best impression possible!!! Not to mention, it’s going to be a FUCKING BLAST!!!! You’ll have to check out our exciting new merch as well!!!! So if you haven’t already watch the sneak preview video in this post, and get talking!!!! Give Skin Trade your love and support at The Whiskey A Go Go…. WE NEED IT!!! – SHARE AWAY!!!!



Feb 12

Skin Trade Rocked THE WHISKY A GO GO Last Tues. Night!!!

Skin Trade Rocked THE Kamagra WHISKY A GO GO Last Tues. Night!!!

Skin Trades Loses its Whisky A Go GO Virginity!!!

In Skin Trade’s first gig with this incarnation of the group, we had a ball rocking the world famous Whisky A Go Go Tuesday night!!!! We also premiered our new unreleased single “Hero.” which seemed to delight our fans! Thanks everyone for coming out and be sure to check our concert dates, to make it out to our next gig! It was so fun being up on a stage graced by such acts as X, The Doors, The Stones, Led Zepplin, Janis Joplin, Nirvana, and The Smashing Pumpkins, just to name a few!!!! The Whisky A Go Go staff was more than hospitable, and the sound guys really dialed in a fantastic sound!

Pictures of Skin Trade at The Whisky A Go Go!

Check out some of these great Skin Trade Pictures LIVE from The Whisky A Go Go. We also have some pro video that was shot, so be on the lookout for that on the website SOON!!!!

Skin Trade Can’t Wait To Play The Whisky A Go Go Again!

Skin Trade had a blast playing a venue like The Whisky A Go GO, and we look forward to our gig at The Roxy- next month!!!! It was so cool to see the fans out there rocking to our music, and it seems like we had overwhelming positive feedback. We are in the process of rehearsing and writing for the new EP, and we plan on playing even more new material at our next gig! Please make sure to make it out if you can, we are also playing The Doll Hut in Anaheim, the 22nd- for all you guys in the O.C. Skin Trade plans on rocking The Whisky A Go Go again sometime soon!!!

Dec 13



That’s right, we are giving our true fans the entire “Heretic” (Digital) FOR FREE… until CHRISTMAS!!!! We have a limited number of FREE DIGITAL VERSIONS OF OUR ALBUM AVAILABLE, so get yours now!!!!! Find out how below!!! And TELL YOUR FRIENDS-

Free Rock Music: Heretic


All you have to do to download “Heretic” FOR FREE is click download on the player to the right, or under the “Heretic” page….. HURRY there are limited downloads available, get your free rock music, before it goes back to $9.99!!!!! This is from our hearts- we worked so hard in making this record, and really tried to say something of importance, and we are giving it away for XMAS ONLY, because we appreciate music lovers in a poor economic time!


MERRY XMAS HERETICS!!! We think you deserve the album, and we encourage you to share it on your profiles, and to your friends


We understand in these tough economic times, the need for the children of music to give back to the fans that give them their glory…. We are happy to give you “Heretic” for the holidays! Help us out and share with your friends! Write to us your favorite songs! Free rock music isn’t given every day, but we know that you guys will appreciate it, and spread it to the world! Get you free rock music NOW!!!!
Oct 26

Great Songs = A Great Album, For Your New Indie Rock Band!

Great Songs = A Great Album, For Your New Indie cialis cheap Rock Band!

Melody/Hook for Your New Indie Rock Band

The success of a new indie rock band, depends so much on the quality of the songs. Now of course other elements come into play, but really without great songs you will have a much harder time competing in this crazy new world of music! Successful rock music of the past and present has great arrangements, lyrics, melody, and rhythm (even if they are all whiney, and sound the same lol). Melody and harmony are extremely important to your songs. A new indie rock band has to be conscious of their vocal and guitar melodies. They should flow in a manner that give importance to the chorus and have strong “hum-back factor.” Do not underestimate the power of repetition, and a hook. If you aren’t humming it all day, it’s probably not that great of a hook.

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Sep 20


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Download Free Music Online

In a time where fans expect music for free, us indie artists are continuing to scramble for creative ways to meet the crisis of covering cost, in the production, promotion, and distribution of our music to our fans. We are no exception to the rule, but we REALLY WANT our super-fans to have our music FOR FREE!!! As consumers of modern music, and for those of us on U.S. soil, living in rough economic times, we just want ways to download free music online… Skin Trade wants to give out our record for free, but we have to at least break even, in order to get more product created for you guys! BUT what we CAN do, is offer you lots of games and prizes, and FREEBIES, such as a way you can download free music online!
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