Feb 12

Skin Trade Rocked THE WHISKY A GO GO Last Tues. Night!!!

Skin Trade Rocked THE Kamagra WHISKY A GO GO Last Tues. Night!!!

Skin Trades Loses its Whisky A Go GO Virginity!!!

In Skin Trade’s first gig with this incarnation of the group, we had a ball rocking the world famous Whisky A Go Go Tuesday night!!!! We also premiered our new unreleased single “Hero.” which seemed to delight our fans! Thanks everyone for coming out and be sure to check our concert dates, to make it out to our next gig! It was so fun being up on a stage graced by such acts as X, The Doors, The Stones, Led Zepplin, Janis Joplin, Nirvana, and The Smashing Pumpkins, just to name a few!!!! The Whisky A Go Go staff was more than hospitable, and the sound guys really dialed in a fantastic sound!

Pictures of Skin Trade at The Whisky A Go Go!

Check out some of these great Skin Trade Pictures LIVE from The Whisky A Go Go. We also have some pro video that was shot, so be on the lookout for that on the website SOON!!!!

Skin Trade Can’t Wait To Play The Whisky A Go Go Again!

Skin Trade had a blast playing a venue like The Whisky A Go GO, and we look forward to our gig at The Roxy- next month!!!! It was so cool to see the fans out there rocking to our music, and it seems like we had overwhelming positive feedback. We are in the process of rehearsing and writing for the new EP, and we plan on playing even more new material at our next gig! Please make sure to make it out if you can, we are also playing The Doll Hut in Anaheim, the 22nd- for all you guys in the O.C. Skin Trade plans on rocking The Whisky A Go Go again sometime soon!!!

Jan 30

Skin Trade Hollywood Concerts – Whiskey A Go Go!!!!

Check out some our upcoming Hollywood Concerts!!!!

Skin Trade Hollywood Concerts – Whiskey A Go Go!!!!

Who’s ready to see what we’ve been working hard to feed you!!!!!??? Get your crucifixes ready for an evening of debauchery with your favorite heretics – SKIN TRADE!!!!! Cialis Professional We will be running a heart pumping set featuring songs off our debut relese “Heretic” as well as some thrilling new material sure to get your ya ya’s out-

Skin Trade will be rocking out 2011 in a series of Hollywood concerts!!!! Starting off the run, we will be playing the legendary Whiskey A Go GO on Feb 8th at 6:45pm!!! The show is only $10.00 if you buy the tickets from us- $15.00 if you buy them at the door- Let us know if you need tickets!!!!

Hollywood Concerts

We also have some fun Hollywod concerts coming up at THE ROXY, and THE DOLL HUT, and in Canoga Park-

Details about these shows will be up on the site soon!!!!!!

We would love to hear from you all- let us know what we can do to improve our website, and our set-

Make sure to let the door man know you are there to see Skin Trade!!!! WE CAN’T WAIT to see you all for this exciting show!!!!!!

Be sure to check back frequently, for news on all our Hollywood Concerts!!!!

Jan 12

Skin Trade Supports
Defenders of Animal Rights

Skin Trade Supports
Defenders of Animal Rights

Check out this short video, and find out how to become defenders of animal rights! Skin Trade is about taking a stand for what you believe in, and for stopping crimes against nature and humanity. We can’t stand it when someone is getting treated poorly, and has no way of  standing up for themselves!!!!

Skin Trade Supports
Defenders of Animal Rights

We love to write music about things that really matter to us. Being an activist is part of being an artist. We express our ideas through music, and by influencing people with our actions. When mankind starts to unravel the perfect design of nature, we have to stand up! Animals don’t have a voice of their own, so when they are mistreated, it’s up to us to defend them. We have to find ethical ways to treat and handle animals, and put an end to animal cruelty.

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Sep 20


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Download Free Music Online

In a time where fans expect music for free, us indie artists are continuing to scramble for creative ways to meet the crisis of covering cost, in the production, promotion, and distribution of our music to our fans. We are no exception to the rule, but we REALLY WANT our super-fans to have our music FOR FREE!!! As consumers of modern music, and for those of us on U.S. soil, living in rough economic times, we just want ways to download free music online… Skin Trade wants to give out our record for free, but we have to at least break even, in order to get more product created for you guys! BUT what we CAN do, is offer you lots of games and prizes, and FREEBIES, such as a way you can download free music online!
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Aug 7



We are Skin Trade, a new indie rock band from L.A. We just wanted to welcome you to our website and let you guys know that we’re stoked for our premiere release “Heretic” coming at you August 20th. I’m Brandon Scott and I’m writing this particular post. My partner in crime, drummer TJ O’Brien will also be chiming in here and we hope you’ll visit often. We want this website to turn into a real gathering place for fans of dark indie music and new indie rock bands in particular.


We don’t want to blow our own horn too much … but we will anyway. Have you heard the expression that all the new music sounds the same? Well, I have but I don’t believe we’re going to fall into that trap. In fact, if you follow us as we begin this journey, I think you’ll find we’re really dedicated to creative, new directions. We have a healthy respect for what’s gone before and we certainly build on that … but we have a new, fresh, theatrical trail we’ll be blazing that’s all our own. We hope you’ll enjoy it and join us on that journey. When we say we mean to be a NEW indie rock band, there’s an emphasis on the “new”.



That’s Right! We do! We don’t want to be really removed and out-of-touch like the usual new indie rock band. We want to really engage with our audience. We want to get to know you, discuss music and shows with you … and be like REAL PEOPLE! LOL! Here’s how it usually works: a new indie rock band starts to get into the groove of things and it gets difficult to keep your eye on the two things that are really important … the music and the fans.

Skin Trade is NOT going to be like that. We want to start RIGHT NOW getting to know you. We want to know who you are, why you’re listening to us … and we want to know what you’d like to see from us in the future. SO … this is going to be a very inter-active website where your voice will be heard if you want it to be.

To start down that path, we want to invite you to please sign in to our free VIP e-mail list on this website!!! INVITE YOUR FRIENDS to the list as well. In coming posts you’ll hear details on how you Levitra Professional can win your own FREE copy of our upcoming album, “Heretic”. That coming contest revolves around how many people YOU can invite to join our list! Keep your ears open! We’ll be posting on that soon … and if you’re signed into the mailing list … you’ll get email notice of all new posts!

So … who are we again? We’re Skin Trade … an exciting new indie rock band that’s sure to satisfy your darkest desire!

We have lots of exciting opportunities that will be available to you as a VIP members list subscriber … Including:

>>> Contests

>>> Our e-mail newsletter to our VIP Members List

>>> Exclusive content including music samples and other freebies

PLUS … you’ll have early access! You’ll be able to get your hands on the album a WEEK BEFORE the actual release date!!!! BUT … that’s only available to members of our VIP Mailing List.

So … be a new indie rock band promoter … Help us promote Skin Trade! Sign in, and tell your friends, so you can stay up to date with the band! We’re going to be searching for everything a new indie rock band can do to connect with their listeners, and we hope you’ll enjoy what you see and hear at this site and in the recordings.

-Skin Trade-
(“A New Indie Rock Band”)