Oct 19

A New Indie Rock Band Needs Solid Players!

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A New Indie Rock Band Needs Solid Players!

Does Your New Indie Rock Band Have the Chops?

One of the key factors in making a great album as a new indie rock band, is using solid musicians! Make sure your band has spent time and really worked out all the arrangements, making them the best they can possibly be. The latest rock music, even the artsy stuff, is very polished and “broadcast quality”. Be honest with yourself in assessing the level of expertise in your new indie rock band. Do you guys need a little more time to tighten and craft your material… or are you truly ready to spend the time and money making it the best it can be? But wait! There’s more ! CLICK HERE & Keep Reading >>>

Oct 13

A New Indie Rock Band
Needs A Concept/Vision!

A New Indie No prescription cialis Rock Band Needs A Concept/Vision!

A new indie rock band is nothing with a concept and vision. I think all great artists stem from the cohesion of their concepts, and visions. What you represent, and the message within your music/album is a result of your creative flow. Find a way for your new indie rock band to really narrow down what your band represents, and plot where you are headed with your body of work!

Creativity As A New Indie Rock Band

To make a record that has a cohesive relative overall message, and fluid flow throughout, requires great planning and creativity. As a part of the latest rock music scene, you need to be exciting for your audience! Figure out what common goals and beliefs your new indie rock band share. Is there a common theme, or vibe from your music. What are you trying to portray? Get thinking of how to blend it all together in the clearest way for your market!
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Sep 20


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Download Free Music Online

In a time where fans expect music for free, us indie artists are continuing to scramble for creative ways to meet the crisis of covering cost, in the production, promotion, and distribution of our music to our fans. We are no exception to the rule, but we REALLY WANT our super-fans to have our music FOR FREE!!! As consumers of modern music, and for those of us on U.S. soil, living in rough economic times, we just want ways to download free music online… Skin Trade wants to give out our record for free, but we have to at least break even, in order to get more product created for you guys! BUT what we CAN do, is offer you lots of games and prizes, and FREEBIES, such as a way you can download free music online!
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